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Sci-Fi / Horror
by Jerry Warren

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It's supposed to be cutting edge science: a diving bell that can descend the depths of the ocean. However, when a cable snaps, the crew fears that they may perish inside. After the crew leaves the bell to explore, they soon find a large network of caves and a survivor who has been there for over a decade. The survivor reveals the horrible truth: there is no way to get out of the caves. Or is there a way? You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page .
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Topics: underwater, cavern, 1950s
Picfixer Movie Trailer Collection

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Dreadful, deadly-dull sci fi "adventure" with John Carradine and the dopiest plot ever. The complete film is here at IA. TRIVIA: Shot in 1957, but a distributor couldn't be found until 1960 when it was finally released as part of a double bill with "Teenage Zombies," which also is here at IA. Several production staff members used pseudonyms in the credits to avoid being fined by their unions for working on a non-union film. Producer Jerry Warren skipped out on paying his...
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Topics: movie trailers, sci fi, adventures, John Carradine, Robert Clarke, Phillis Coates
Movie Trailers

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Topics: featurette, Movie, Science Fiction
Movie Trailers

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